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Keeping your loved ones safe from the risks of slips and falls

According to a CDC report, about 36 million falls older adults experience annually, leading to more than 32,000 fatalities.

Approximately 3 million senior citizens receive emergency room care each year for injuries sustained in falls.

Due to these, falls are a public health issue, especially for the aging population.

In older people, falls are a sign of frailty, immobility, and acute and chronic health impairment. Falls further reduce function by resulting in harm, activity restrictions, fall fear, and loss of mobility. They are the primary cause of injuries in the elderly. The combination of osteoporosis and falls frequently lead to hip fractures, forearm, humerus, and pelvis.

The older population must be protected from falls across the age and health spectrum, and the variety of causes of falls must be addressed without unnecessarily sacrificing independence and quality of life. Controlled studies have identified intrinsic risk factors for falls, allowing for the identification of at-risk individuals and suggesting potential preventive measures. Elderly people who have multiple health issues are more prone to slips and falls.

Nation Care, Inc., with the help of our compassionate and dedicated care staff, will work to address the consequences of falls and prevent them from happening. Our team will identify possible safety by doing the following:

  • Evaluate the potential fall hazards in your home
  • Recommend home modifications if necessary
  • Use therapeutic techniques to enhance balance and physical coordination
  • Suggest suitable assistive technology
  • Teach and train the clients’ families to prevent falls

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