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We provide personal care services that promote the well-being of the senior while preserving their independence and dignity.

Here at Nation Care, Inc., we provide our clients who have severe, chronic, or age-related conditions, disabilities, or injuries with quality and compassionate assistance. Our reliable caregivers will do their best for your loved ones to receive care that improves their overall well-being. They will execute the customized plan of care and maximize the recommendations and prescriptions provided by the other members of the care team to ensure optimal wellness and safety.

We understand that other personal tasks require trust on the part of the patient, especially with intimate tasks, such as dressing, bathing, and ambulation. However, we can assure you that our caregivers will support them in such chores with the utmost respect for their dignity and independence. As for meal preparation, our team will adhere to the diet plan provided by your physician or dietitian to ensure that they get the needed nutrients they need to optimize or maintain their health.

Here are some services included in our personal care program:

– Medication Reminders and Monitoring Vital Signs
As part of our non-medical care services, we ensure to monitor the health of your loved ones through blood pressure checking, monitoring temperature, and the like, as well as making sure they adhere to their medications on time.

– Ambulation and Exercise
Our caregivers will be there to assist you when your loved ones are struggling to move from one place to another or conducting a prescribed exercise routine. We ensure that they will get their much-needed mobility support in the comfort of their homes.

– Personal Hygiene
Bathing, dressing, and grooming require assistance from a caregiver you can fully trust. Before we assist your loved ones with these tasks, we make sure to discuss with them the limits of our support and what they are comfortable with, ensuring their overall safety.

– Feeding
Our caregivers are always ready to help you when their circumstances leave them unable to feed themselves. Let our caregivers assist them with this task so that they can avoid skipping meals and get the nutrients they need.

– Incontinence Care
Whether they need round-the-clock assistance, our caregivers will be with them when they are struggling with incontinence.

If you have questions regarding this service, please do not hesitate to send us a message.