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Our Mission Statement

To provide the best care at an affordable price and to ensure quality care to our clients and to the community

Our Vision Statement

To maintain our patients and clients optimal comfort and quality of life. We rely on our experienced, dedicated, and well-trained health care professionals to achieve our vision.

Our Commitment

We pledge to provide high-quality services to individuals in an environment compatible with their individual habilitation needs. Nation Care’s residential program extends the training around the clock offering:

  • Safe and comfortable facilities
  • A fun and active recreational schedule
  • Creative and compassionate staffing
  • Active community involvement and at the same time to
  • Empowerment of persons with developmental disabilities and members of their families

Our Team

The nursing staff and healthcare professionals that we have are all well-experienced and carefully screened to meet the needs of our clients. Our nurses are selected after an in-depth interview, which encompasses the following:

  • Assessing commitment to professionalism and willingness to comply with policies and procedures
  • Documentation of clinical proficiency through skills checking
  • Passing grades of 90% or above on competency exam (medications)
  • Verifications of licensure/certification in good standing with the State Boards
  • Two positive professional references and backgrounds check
  • Regular training and in-service for new and current employees
  • Nurses-owned and operated
  • Medicaid certified
  • Nurse on call 24/7
elderly woman with the sweet young nurses

We are inviting you to know more about us and our humble beginnings. Please send us a message today so that we can share with you our wonderful experiences from all over the years.

Why Choose Us

Nation Care, Inc. is founded on the following principles:

Honesty – We see to it that each member of our team is honest in all their doings. We don’t want our clients to feel cheated on the services that they are paying. You get what you want as agreed.

Dedication – The professionals that we have are committed to devoting the time and energy to serving our clients. No assignment is too small or menial. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services at the end of the day.

Integrity – The trust and confidence that our clients have given to us throughout the years is something we greatly cherish and is a hallmark of our company.


We know that you have it is never easy to pick the best home care service provider; the hassle and time consuming burden in giving trust to certain professionals that will take care of your loved one is difficult. That is why we will help you in the process of selecting us.

Why should you choose Nation Care?

We all need help from others in life. For some, a hospital or health care institution is the best setting. For many, however, home care is preferred. Some healthcare treatments that were once thought only possible in a hospital setting are now being used in homes today.

At Nation Care, Inc., our clients are treated with respect, love, and dignity. Our nurses and caregivers are experienced and carefully screened to meet the needs of our clients. They are also available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

What are the advantages of Home Care?

Home Care provides families and loved ones needing care with greater control and a familiarity with the home environment.

Gives families greater involvement in the delivery of care

Gives families more personal time

Minimizes negative feelings associated with loss of control due to the environment

Do you have a coordinated care plan?
Yes! We learn as much as we can about our clients to better meet their individual needs. With this, we include physicians, therapists, case managers, social workers, and all other members of the health care team in the delivery of care.